[0.80] Wrong position after startup-script


this is my startup-gcode:
G1 X150 Y150
G1 Z50 F150

After booting, homing and parking works like expected. But the xyz positions showed in Repetier-Host, Web-Interface and Touchscreen are not correct. All axis are shown at max position (like after homing). After adding command M114, the position seems to be okay (X50, Y50, Z50). But sending a movement command from Repetier Host doesn't work like expected. Example: "Move X 10mm to left" sends the nozzle to X0 instead of X140, "X + 10mm" to X10.

Is there a way to fix this with custom gcode?


  • So you are using the server over host and the host shows wrong coordinates?
    What does the server show at that moment as coordinates?

    I guess it is only host showing wrong coordinates as it sets to position reported by G28 if it has no commands in buffer and gets a position (liek you did with M114 later). Need to fix that in host somehow I guess.

    Please try
    G4 S1
    G1 ....

    that should get responses in sync also for host.

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    I still have problems with the server web interface after startup or reconnect, with or without startup scripts.

    Please watch this video showing the problem:

    Not shown in the video: a command for z would lead to X0 or even <X0 (crash)...

    My hardware: CoreXY with RADDS+Due (Repetier FW 0.92.9), Raspi3+Touchscreen (Repetier Server 0.80.3) connected to Windows 10 + Repetier Host 2.0.1
  • For debugging it would be interesting to see what commands got send in console. I did not see the printer nor the commands send so it is hard to say what is wrong. Sure you have send X160 and slider did not go there, but what did really happen? Also what firmware are you using. I recently came to conclusion that updating coordinates from M114 or G28 is dangerous as they might already invalid by commands send afterwards in the queue. This may also depend on firmware, so which firmware are you using? And which server release? 0.80.3 or older?
  • Thanks for your fast reply!

    Firmware on Due is Repetier Firmware 0.92.9 (I had the same problem with 1.0 dev)
    Repetier Server Version is 0.80.3

    The printer does what the sliders did in the video: X to 0, Y to 0...
    Sometimes moving the Y-slider from 300 (max) to 250 leads to Y50, or to Y250, or to Y0, or (happend this morning) to Y-0.62 (crash) ...

    And I can't see any new commands in console after using the sliders. Just a lot of M105 with answers...
  • You need to open command in a separate window with commands enabled to see what sliders send. 

    Have a due with 1.0 dev for testing will do also later.
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