Unable to run RepetierServer on Windows 7

Hello, I have my printer hooked up to an Windows 7 server machine. I am unable to start the server process. When looking at the Task Manager the Server exe appears for about 3 seconds and goes away. I tried a few different versions of repetier server and all behave the same. 

How can I fix this? 

When installing it on my Windows 10 main machine everything seems to work. 

Thanks for any help I can get.

Best regards,


  • Got the installation done. I needed to install .net framework. 

    But now I have another problem.. When I start a print the printer goes really slow and sluggish. Sometimes stops, waits a second, prints a few mm, waits again, prints and so on.. I wanted to switch from Octoprint to this because I had my prints stop  in the middle of a print for no reason, and now this doesn't work as well. 

    What do I do wrong? :( Do I really have to keep printing from an SD Card? That's so annoying. :(
  • Server does not requite .net but our host does require it. So did you maybe install host + server? We have server as install option in host setup.

    Your description indicates some communication problems - that is not normal behaviour. You need to enable logging and then check what the logs say to say more about the problems.
  • Thanks, I will try again when I get the time. I also ordered a new quality USB Cable. If that also fails I'll get an RasPi and try again. Will update when I get more info. Thanks! :)
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