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I don't have a power button in the controle panel for switching on/off the PSU. Software power is enabled in printer settings and firmware. M80 / M81 in the console is working perfectly and switching the PSU on and off.

Am i missing something?


  • I have put it on the list for next update.

    For now you could define a printer command so you have it in dropdown for direct selection.
  • did that already but i have seen the button in screenshots of earlier versions, so i wonderd if it was just me missing the button.
  • I wonder where it was and when I removed it. Can you share the screenshot?
  • Seen it in the docs of a older version: https://www.repetier-server.com/manuals/0.65/index.html under printer control-->control
  • I see and we removed that menu. I have now added it in the printer context menu right side.
  • Thanks! I will wait for the next update.
  • Exact same situation as described by so_what. Using latest dev version, but the power button in the web-gui and in the host does not switch PSU. Is that already implemented? Would love it as it is just way more convenient then going to console, then issue a stored command or M80/M81 manually.

    Also, it would come in handy to have the PSU turned off automatically (ENABLE_POWER_OFF_AFTER_PRINTJOB) after either a defined waiting time (POWER_OFF_AFTER_PRINTJOB_DELAY) or below a temp threshold POWER_OFF_AFTER_PRINTJOB_TEMP_OFF and POWER_OFF_AFTER_PRINTJOB_TEMP_PIN) which is off course a bit more complicated due to setups using two or more extruders....Just an idea.
  • Hi googliola. Software Powerswitch does work in repetier server 0.86.2 and host 2.0.1. Is the right pin configured in configuration.h?
  • Hi so_what. Yeah, the PS_ON pin is correct, ENABLE_POWER_ON_STARTUP works as well. M80 / M81 in the console is working perfectly and switching the PSU on and off. But no luck with the button below:

    I use 86.2 and 2.0.5....
  • Ok, will check menu function.
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