[0.80 PRO] Showing wrong print job details in 2-printer setup

I am using Pro 0.80 in a 2 printer setup (Ultimaker 2+ and Prusa i3 MK2). While printing on the Ultimaker i started a second print on the Prusa. Then i switched to the Control -> Movement on the Prusa and this is what i am seeing:



  • Understand what you mean and will check it for update,
  • Just as an update: when I checked back later, it was showing the proper "preview". I'll see if i can reproduce consistently / find a pattern. 
  • Frontend requests all move when in this mode. These get send for the printer currently set as active in server for that connection. Switching between printers should trigger the info update, but maybe you found a way to switch that does not trigger the "hey I#m now printer xy" message to server. Will tests some and hope I see it. If you have a way to reproduce it let me know,
  • Ok found it exactly where I expected it. Have fixed it for next release. With current bug it will always show the first selected printer. So go to target printer and reload to see correct moves until next release.
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