Problem whit Serial Port!!!!


I have problems with
repetier something happens to the port in my case com6

the program usually stops or send alerts

and sends frequent error messages like this: "serial error: line number is not last line number + 1, the line 5"
and after this line: resend: 6

What I've done was:
1. review the transfer baud both repetier and windows are 115,200
2 Check with another program: the Arduino IDE connecting and transfers without problem.
3. restart the PC connected to arduino is detected.

My hardware is arduino mega 2560 and 1.4 Ramps



  • For now it sounds like a communication error that normally gets fixed automatically. If it only happens every now and then it is no big deal and can be ignored. If you get lots of these messages, check what you have set in Receive Cache Size. Should normally be 127 and not bigger or you provoke this error. You can also try the slower ping pong mode, also that should be last solution.
  • Tanks its working! Whit the ping pong mode os done
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