Printer deactivated after starting print

I had this problem occur occasionally using 0.75.1 and now I've seen it happen with 0.80.  I usually manually turn on the bed temperature to 120 so I can do homing and prepare for printing.  Then I start a print where the initial bed temperature should be 130.  After it heats up a couple degrees, the printer gets deactivated for some reason.  The printer continues to heat up to temp, the hotend heats up, then it just stops as it's waiting for the next commands which never come.  I can reactivate the printer from the server home screen, but then it resets the printer and I have to start all over again.

Tonight it happened when printing from the SD card.  I used the server UI to set the temp to 120 and do the homing, etc.  Then when I started the SD card print, the server again showed the printer deactivated after the bed increased a couple degrees.  The print continued since I was printing from SD.

This doesn't happen all the time but it happens enough to be annoying, especially when trying to start a 3 hour print.

armel version on a PCDuino2 board.


  • Sounds more like a hardware issue. Server stays green as long as linux lists the device it was originally connected to. So if communication stops and printer continues to work it is most likely the usb/serial converter that stopped working maybe due to a voltage change as it seems to be heater related.
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