0.80 on Pi3 Very happy!

Hi Reps,

See me upgrade from Repetier Server 0.75 to 0.80 here:

Very happy 


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    a nice touch, that version model
    I'm testing a 5 "Waveshare GPIO version Alligator Board 32
    I have a lot of touch accuracy problems
  • Especially resistive touch screens require a calibration to work properly. Follow vendor instruction on how to calibrate your screen.
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    thank Roland,

    sorry, after calibration I have a distance of a few millimeters.
    and does not touch the buttons windows.
    I have to change touch.
    What do you recommend ???

  • I very much like the original pi 7" touch display. It works out of the box, no calibration and it is capacitive. Only a bit more expensive then these cheap waveshare boards. Also have a tontec 3.5" display 480x320 pixel. Resistive but works after calibration ok. Not to compare with capacitive displays.
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