No printers defined on 80 touch screen interface

I have 2 printers connected which are visible via the main web interface on another computer. But when I go to the new touchscreen interface on the Pi itself it says that there are "No printers defined". Not sure if I have a setting wrong somehwere?

The interface is amazingly fast compared to the old one though, with the little I can play with at the moment and looks good!


  • I guess you have defines some users to log in?

    We have found that creating users causes errors in the interface. So for now remove the users to use it. Bug will be fixed in a few days.
  • Taking the users off activated the touch screen. THanks :)
  • Hi have the same problem, will we need to replace the image or this update will be available through repetier update procedure?
  • Both will work. You can update in place, but new image will have new webcam handling - something that is handled outside server. But installed webcam will stay working in any case.
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