[0.80] Lost access to touchscreen interface - "page can only be called over localhost"

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After upgrading from 0.75.1 to 0.80 via "check for new version" i lost access to the touchscreen interface. Trying to open via leads to an error message: 

For security reasons this page can only be called over localhost IP!

I have no users set up. (I don't really want to setup any users, as I do not want to enforce a login. If somebody walks up to the printers, i need them to be able to use the interface right away.)

Used to work just fine in 0.75.1, so something changed during the upgrade. Is there any way to make this work again?

For now, I've put an iPad next to the printers and are using normal dashboard. But ideally, i'd like to either get the old interface working again - or better yet: get the new touchscreen interface working.


  • This old interface and the new printer interface are supposed to only work over localhost, so that message is correct.

    Assuming the display is part of the pc the server runs on the correct url would be
    or your url with localhost ip if you want to stay with the old interface. For the new one you need a recent browser with flexbox support (chrome, firefox).

    If printer and display are different computers you can install a reverse proxy as described on our homepage
    without the deny exceptions to prevent the access.
  • Ok, reverse proxy then. (The device with the touch screen has its own IP, so local loop / 127.0.01 won't work.)

    Not sure i like this change. Maybe make this access restriction a user configurable setting in the next version?

  • The printer front end is always accessible while normal frontend can be user protected. So allowing everyone to access is a security hole. And with our proxy description it is easy to work around if required.
  • I agree with StephanK, this sercurity should have been optional. If I want a security hole on my printer then let me. I don't have users created on the frontend either, so my printer already has a security hole.

    And as to the old touch interface being discontinued, I think that is also not good. It was a great interface to use with tablets/touch PCs that is on the same network as the printer, not only displays connected directly to the printer.
  • Next release will allow access as long as no users are defined. Then it makes no sense as you can always do anything anyway. Only with users old restrictions will take effect again.

    Old interface will not be deleted - we will just not extend it any more with new features. It has limited extensibility and is a pain to develop as we need to reprogramm everything for every resolution again. This was one of the main advantages of the new system that it adjust to resultion. So it now already supports more resultions then the previous system.
  • Thanks for reconsidering. :-)

  • Repetier said:
    Next release will allow access as long as no users are defined. Then it makes no sense as you can always do anything anyway. Only with users old restrictions will take effect again.
    I'm on .80.2 and don't see this option anywhere.  Are you still working on it?  I would rather not have to install nginx if I can just just change a setting.
  • It's no option it simply works. Should be in 0.80.2 for the new interface. For the old there is a bug that will be solved in 0.80.3.
  • I'm on the latest .80.2 and while the full ui works fine. The touch ui is blocked from other devices Repetier host private http://iob.imgur.com/uYGg/tHbEclH1Ny

    I understand is have to use a reverse proxy, but my understating from your comments above is that, that may no longer be nessasary. Am I missing something?
  • Sh.. I was so sure I had changed it and testing my self it is the same as for you. And I was just finished compiling the new release, so looks like it has to wait one more day.
  • Np. Good work and keep it up. I'll wait another day ;)
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