Printing mid-air with servo auto bed leveling on Repitier Host

Hey! im running into a few problems with auto bed leveling, after setting up auto bed leveling using servo from ZennmasterM's youtube tutorial and giving the print command, my printer performs the bed leveling routine and then the z axis lifts (ive adjusted the raise before probing value to be 35mm in Marlin) the servo arm swings and stays parallel to the bed, now im expecting the x-carriage to lower and the nozzle to come near the bed, but it simply starts printing in mid air, I cannot find a solution to this and it is immensely frustrating kindly help!

I marked a point on the bed
I used G92 X0 Y0 Z0 after bringing the nozzle to touch the bed on marked point, after which I raised Z axis, then used M280 P0 S(degree) to extend servo arm, brought arm to same point. used M114 to find co-ordinates of point, inverted their signes and plugged these values into Marlin, under the x,y and z offsets. This was the procedure i followed.

After Slicing i added the G29 command after the initial G28 which is for homing, everything works fine, besides the fact that the print starts in mid air, quite above the bed.

Looking forward to helpful comments from the Community!


  • This is too much Marlin for me as it is a firmware configuration issue. Have no experience with Marlin and this is the Repetier-Host forum, so completely wrong place to ask.
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