Z Axis not moving upwards


I'm new to 3D printing and I've recently finished building my printer (Acrylic 3DCSTAR P802-MHS 3D Printer) and have been trying to fix it's problems, this one I could not figure out, so maybe you guys can help me out!

The problem is the Z axis does not move upwards both in manual control and while printing. In the Manual control it moves downwards no matter if I push the "up" or "down" button. X- an y-axis work correctly.

Do you have a solution to my Problem?


  • If it really moves for both direction it is a problem with dir signal. Either wrong pin defined in pins.h or a hardware defect - line not connected/always up/down, driver defect.

    You could select a different stepper socket if you have free ones for extra extruders and connect that to motor.
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