Laptop recommendations

Hi, I'm so new that I've only SEEN Repetier and Slic3r being used at the shop where I bought my 3d printer from today.  I was going through training there, and suddenly discovered that the laptop I'd planned to use with it, has bad USB ports on it.

As a result, I'm trying to purchase an older model refurbished laptop, dedicated to the 3d printer, and wondered if I could get some recommendations from users regarding things like RAM, and CPU speeds?

Also, I'm seeing (by other posts) that there's a problem occurring with regards to the Intel HD 3000 GPU, and OF COURSE, it seems like everything in my price range, with any OpenGL support at all, has got that pesky HD 3000 GPU on it. 
What I'm seeing is that If I get a laptop with the HD 3000, I'll be ok as long as I can get the 1.0.6 version of Repetier and Slic3r.  Is that true? or even possible from somewhere? or are users only able to do that if they already had the older version?


  • I make no promises with HD 3000 as user experiences are contradictinary. Some say disabling power saving helps. In theroy 1.6.2 has as legacy driver the same opengl lib as 1.0.6 and some have it running, others not. 

    Normally USB is no problem. Some printers take their 500mA from usb to power the board and don't work well otherwise. Here a simple powered USB hub should help already, no new laptop required.

    The host renders nice images during print but these cost memory and speed when they get bigger, so RAM and video speed determine the max. size printable. If you print using our server (bundled with newer host version or stand alone) you have no size limit. YOu can even close host and print will continue with minimum hardware requirement and you can check from any browser in your internet what the state is.
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