Repetier-Server/RPI3/Vertex K8400/Newbie question :D

Hi folks,
I just installed repetier server 1.75 (registered) on my RPI 3 under jessie light.
Everythings seems working right (even the cam), i can control the printer (X,Y,Z axis), i can mesure the heating and cooling speed, i can start the cooler and changing its speed.

On the interface: in can upload stl files in the library, even i can do it in the direct print dialog, BUT (yes there is always a BUT :/ ) when i upload a file, the windows shows a marvelous pic saying "rendering", then it suddle becomes gray and nothing happenz o.O

The print doesn't sart in de direct print, and in the lib: the icons with details and print aren't present (there is the grayed image too)

I wonder this is because or the rendereing or the slicing isn't working, i first thaught to kill me, but then i decide to ask here first :D

Any idea? Is there a place where I can find the logs or a point to start searching? (i'm a newbie in linux and repetier)

Thank everyone ;)


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    oh, yes one more thing (^_^)
    I installed twice de vertex (one connected at once ;) ) under Smothie and Marlin: same problem at both place...
    So, i'm quasi sure that it comes from the rendering...
  • Reason is simple - stl is not supported at the moment. You have to upload the sliced stl files, meaning the gcode to print. One way is to use Repetier-Host and use the server connector. So you can slice in host and upload to printer. Or use your favourite slicer stand alone and upload generated gcode.

    We are working on slicer support, but until then you must upload gcode.
  • got it! You are the best, thank you ;)
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    So, i've finished my first print with the server.
    But it fails to build the timelapse saying that there isno path for ffmpeg set and convertion is skipped :(

    (ok, i'm a fish, and i know it :D )

    Thank you for any help :)

  • Go to global settings->timelapse and set the path to ffmpeg or avconv - we use this software for conversion and it is not bundled with the server. More informations are in server manual.
  • That's it, top cool!
    Now everythings is working perfectly! (even across the web :) )

    Great job guys!
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