Prints randomly failing using Repetier-Server but not Repetier-Host

Hi all, 

Recently started trying to get Repetier-Server running instead of Rep-Host to streamline my operations, but I keep having prints fail for different reasons. Sometimes I will get layer shifts, while other times, it will misalign on an axis completely / crash into the side of the printer and turn the print into spaghetti. 

I noticed while watching the log, I would get line checksum errors on occasion, but get those while running Repetier-host, too. 

Running Repetier-Server 0.75.1 Free on a Digimind Windows 10 tablet (1.6ghz quad-core, 1gb ram) powering a Prusa i3 clone (Anet A8) with a Marlin-based firmware. 

I haven't dove into the acceleration settings on the server side, but from what I saw, they looked right.

Any idea what could be causing these misalignments?


  • First you must know that the server does not set any accelerations. These settings should be your firmware values, so time prediction is more accurate. It has absolutely no influence on the print.

    In fact layer shifts are a result of wrong firmware configuration. Firmware should be configured to keep moves within physical possible bounds. So if you send exactly the same gcode with host or server there is no reason to behave different. The server should be even better as it has a separate thread only for sending data so it will never slow down on bigger models like host would as preview will take longer and longer.

    The only way I see for host/server caused misallignment are moves outside print area, but 
    1. you should see that in preview if gcode contains such moves
    2. firmware should prevent such moves (might be possible depending on configuration I guess)
    3. checksum should prevent running wrong commands with communication errors in coordinates.

    If misalignment is always away from endstop it is often crosstalk to endstops.
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