Feed Rate VS Run Rate

I am curious to understand the correlation between the Feed rate and the run rate.

I am printing an model and both values above at 100.  If I bump up the run rate to 120, I understand that I will be under extruding the filament. to keep things proportional, I should bump up the feed rate also.  Is there a general rule that determines how much to increase the feed rate to minimize any under extrusion? Is it a one to one increase? please advise and educate me.




  • No, you can simply increase the speed. It has nothing to do with flow rate - you don't need more filament for printing faster, you just extruder faster that's all.

    Flow rate is if you see you have wrong amount of filament to change that. This is a independent thing from speed. Increase flow for fatter walls if you see 100% infill is not full enough.
  • Thanks,

    This helps a lot!!!

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