Server Pro on Raspberry Pi 3 - Account for "view only"

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I've the licensed (payed version) of "Repetier Server Pro V0.75.1", installed on Raspberry PI 3.
All work fine without problems, also the "timelaps" video and images, i'm very happy with the overall functioning, even if something can still improve.
If I configure a user and don't give to him all the permission flags (admin) can not access to the server, i think is a little bug.
Anyway, if this "bug" will be solverd in a future I would like to configure a few users who can only see the current print job, of course also see the webcam and download the timelaps images/video, but without being able to do anything else, the configuration part must not be accessible (hide my serial number).
I never found this option, a sorta of "user view only", present in other software like Octoprint.
One thing I don't like in Octoprint is that anyone can see the current print job and also the cam, I prefer Repetier because there's the requirement to join with registered account.
Can you implement the "user view only" mode in a future version?
Another interesting thing might be to send a mail when the printing is finished.




  • In 0.80 you can have users without any permissions. I remember this bug and I seem to have fixed it for next release.

    We will not implement mail on finish. We already have push messages for this and if you write a small script to send you a mail, you can call it at end of print using the @execute host command to send you a mail.

  • Sounds good, thanks for reply!
    When will you release 0.80?
  • Hopefully next week. Already in testing phase and fixing last bugs. No new features planned.
  • If you need a tester i'm here...
  • Replace the download url for armel with 0.80.0 as version and you have a 0.80 version, but will not get update message when final version is out, so you need to install then manually. There are some small bug known and fixed already, but let me know what you find anyway.
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    This file also includes the Touchscreen Interface

    I also have a paid version of delta printer installed with server

    I manually update my RPI3?
  • Yes, normal install procedure just with new file. And yes, touch interface is included.
  • is new Touchscreen Interface?

    I installed the SPARKLAB version can upgrade with 0.80 files?
  • You can upgrade but if it is the sparklab image with kweb the new interface will not work. It requires chrome browser to work. So maybe easier to use our image instead.
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    Cool thanks, I manually upgrade my server to 0.80.0 version (not final), but i can't found a real "view account" flag.
    I simply uncheck all the four option, and "view mode" is enabled.
    It's working properly, but it does not seem right to me that the "view user" can download my g-code and my timelamps.
    And about "timelaps" there's "delete timelaps" option, doesn't work so please remove from the interface the "delete" option for the view account.
  • The delete button is a bug we will fix on next release (0.80 is now finaly released).

    I think I will also add a download permission on next release.
  • This is something I miss.  If I make a user where everything are checked off, I still am able to go places I should not. If I enter the control tab and edit commands I am routed to a settings page. I have a print running now, so I do not want to test to much. Trying 0.90.7 in trial period and want to test before buying. So please make a "view only" user option where the user only are able to watch running print and webcam.
  • We have view only if no permissions are set for the user. If you find links still visible that is a bug in view logic and we will fix it as soon as we see it or someone tells us. Will test the edit gcodes. But read only still allows more then the 2 pages. It just means he can not do anything. Even functions shown through a bug should not work even if they get shown. Server it self has the permission check as well.
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