Firmware Update via Server + DUE

Good day Repetier,

I have a server running on an Orange Pi One, which works well, but I have run into a "problem" during firmware update for a DUE board when the DUE is connected via it's native USB port.

If the firmware update fails, due to power loss on the DUE, then the DUE starts up with a blank firmware, and in bootloader mode. 

If I then try to use the Server to update the firmware then the server tries to disconnect from the "virtual USB Serial" port of the DUE, but it complains that it can't find the port(which doesn't exist as the board is already in bootloader mode) and then the firmware update fails, without actually trying to update the firmware.

Is there any way to force the update, if the board is already in bootloader mode?

Thank you,


  • Good question. Under windows it gets a new port in bootloader mode an dI guess in linux similar happens. I'd try disabling printer and select the port in configuration and then try upload. What always should work is connecting programming port - even if you intend to use native later. Uploading port and connecting port must not be identical.
  • "Uploading port and connecting port must not be identical."
    Is there a place to set the uploading port?

    I will try again to see if I can connect to the SAM-BA CDC port for uploading. I did try before, and could not find the port, might have missed it.

    Else I will try to add a user script to the web interface to call sam-ba directly for programming.

    For some reason, if I try to use the programming port for printer communications then the printer resets three to five times before the server connects to the printer. This does not happen with the native port. I also don't have enough USB ports to connect both ports at the same time. :)

    I do understand that this is actually my fault. My printer has a suicide switch that it must hold "on". During a firmware update, after the erase and reset the suicide switch kicks out and the DUE shuts down. I am supposed to override the suicide with an external "power on" push button during programming, but I forget, and then I must open the printer's electronics bay to move the USB cable... :)
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