Object not manifold

When I load this file Host says it is not manifold, but it is perfect - so why does Host V1.6.2 think it is not. Solid inspector2 and SU Solid Pro both say it is perfect.
It is a small object about 9mm round and 4.25mm high with a hole thru the center, created in Sketchup.
I printed one previously and this one is only slightly different in size.

stl file here


  • I d/l'd it and it does say not manifold, ran it thru Net-Fabb (said it had errors), and it fixed it nicely. I have had issues with .stl's from Sketchup before, created ones or ones I imported , modified, then exported.
  • Programms can have different opinions depending on how accurate they check. It is not only about the visible part. Especially with Sketchup you often get inner faces that disturb slicers. After all, what counts is if slicer is happy or not. So if you get non manifold you still can slice but should do a careful inspection if that leads to strange slicing result.
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