Extruder Calibration

Soo. I have a solidoodle Workbench dual extruder printer. I replaced the stock extruders with two ED3 v6 hotends. I have successfully flashed the motherboard with the correct firmware (based on instructions from the soliforum website). The machine responds to all my commands. One issue I cannot seam to figure out inside Repetier Host is how to calibrate my extruders. My machine has a Z Probe. I have edited my slicer start G code to include an auto probe feature (G29). My machine probes the bed and then starts to print.. The problem is, when it starts printing, the extruders are too high and none of the filament sticks to the table. How do I calibrate this z offset? I understand I can edit my firmware to disable the autoprobe, I would prefer not to do this. I hope there is a way inside of Repetier Host I can calibrate these extruders without taking my printer apart again and flashing the mother board. Please Help!! 

Thank You


  • This problem needs to be fixed in your firmware. So question is which firmware are you using? In repetier-firmware just adjust z probe height in eeprom to fix it. For others I don't know.
  • I am using Marlin Firmware for the Solidoodle. 

    I believe (in my firmware) if I disable the auto level probe, this should fix my problem. I will then manually set a 0 in RH? are their any calibration test codes I can run inside of RH?  
  • What do you want set 0 in RH? Normally you autolevel then home and host is set correctly. You can send any commands from manual control tab that you want/need.
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