Nozzle diameter and layer height error

Help, I'm getting an error whilst slicing trying to use the Slic3r config for my second extruder.

Extruder 1 - nozzle diameter 0.4mm first layer height 0.35mm
Extruder 2 - nozzle diameter 1.2mm first layer height 0.8mm

I'm selecting between the two extruders in Repetier Host "print setting" tab. When I use the profile for extruder one it works fine, but selecting extruder two I get an error message saying "first layer height cannot be greater that nozzle diameter". This also freezes Repetier host and need a forced shutdown to clear.

I've tried slicing directly in Slic3r using both extruder settings without trouble.

Has anyone experienced this problem?



  • Layer height must be < nozzle diameter. So I guess printing with extruder slic3r thinks Extruder 1 is also used and adds that contrain, which 0.8mm does not hold.

    A simple solution would be a second printer definition in slic3r with 1 extruder 1.2mm and add T1 in start gcode to make sure right extruder selected. Not sure if slic3r will then add M104 T0 S200 or only M104 S200 which is what you would need to heat up the right one.
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