sd card print failed

Hi ,I am new new on the forum, thanks for  the quick registration.
I have an issue since i installed the new version 1.6.2, When i start my mendel repetier find the sd card reader & the sd card file but when i select the file & start to print i get the message SD card print failed.i test the sd card reader:it's ok, i tried with an other software the sd card print run without problems.

Could you help me please?

KR jeff


  • Often this is a file name not recogniced with format send by host e.g. not uppercase, spaces in it etc.

    What firmware and version and form were you using? What does the M20 response look like and what M24 command does the host send in your example. See log for the required informations, enable commands to see commands being send.
    M24 starts printjob by sending the filename as argument.
  • thanks for your quick answer
    firmware is marlin V1 from i tried with extension .gcode; .gco same pb
    cmd M20 :begin file list; file 1, file2...; end file list
    cmd M24: impression SD, but nothing pass

    with older version in sd card menu i selected the file i want, then start print. it's strange i test it with my 2 mendel same pb


  • when i send M24 NAME same pb on the screen : printing but nothing in reality, could you help me please

  • hi i tested with a mac version it's work fine, i suppose a net framework version pb, i will uninstall & re install,. thanks

  • cmd M20 :begin file list; file 1, file2...; end file list
    cmd M24: impression SD, but nothing pass

    is that the real output? I need in absolutely exact to see the problem. You can copy directly from log to here. Just mark the log lines and hit copy.
  • 20:28:05.328 : N266466 M105*17
    20:28:08.390 : N266467 M105*16
    20:28:11.453 : N266468 M105*31
    20:28:14.515 : N266469 M105*30
    20:28:17.578 : N266470 M105*22
    20:28:20.640 : N266471 M105*23
    20:28:20.718 : N266472 M20*34
    20:28:20.718 : Begin file list
    20:28:21.078 : ~~2.GCO
    20:28:21.078 : ~1.GCO
    20:28:21.078 : End file list
    20:28:23.718 : N266473 M105*21
    20:28:26.781 : N266474 M105*18
    20:28:29.843 : N266475 M105*19
    20:28:32.906 : N266476 M105*16
    20:28:35.968 : N266477 M105*17
    20:28:39.031 : N266478 M105*30
    20:28:42.093 : N266479 M105*31
    20:28:43.078 : N266480 M24 B*73
    20:28:45.156 : N266481 M105*24
    20:28:45.265 : N266482 M27*42
    20:28:45.265 : N266483 M114*26
    20:28:48.218 : N266484 M105*29
    20:28:51.281 : N266485 M105*28
    20:28:54.343 : N266486 M105*31
    20:28:57.406 : N266487 M105*30
    20:29:00.468 : N266488 M105*17
    20:29:03.546 : N266489 M105*16
    20:29:06.609 : N266490 M105*24
    20:29:09.671 : N266491 M105*25
    20:29:12.734 : N266492 M105*26
    20:29:15.796 : N266493 M105*27
    20:29:18.859 : N266494 M105*28
    20:29:21.921 : N266495 M105*29
    20:29:24.984 : N266496 M105*30
    20:29:28.046 : N266497 M105*31
    20:29:31.109 : N266498 M105*16
    20:29:34.171 : N266499 M105*17
    20:29:37.234 : N266500 M105*16
    20:29:40.250 : N266501 M105*17
    20:29:43.375 : N266502 M105*18
    20:29:46.500 : N266503 M105*19
    20:29:49.546 : N266504 M105*20

  • M24 Bis surely the wrong command to start one of the 2 files. Will check what is going on there.
  • hi any news??
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