Need help with connectivity issue between PC and Printer

I need technical support with my HAVIT A602 3D printer.  I am unable to get my 3D printer to communicate with my computer.  I have already tried:

1) Replacing the existing controller with a new controller purchased directly from HAVIT.
2) Replaced and updated the drivers.
3) Tried connecting to 3 different computers, running Windows 7 & Windows 10.
4) Completely took apart the printer and checked every single connection.
5) I confirmed both the pc and controller were using COM 3 with a baud rate of 115200.
6) Tried using 3 different USB cables.
7) Tried both CURA and Repetier.

Despite this, when connected, all I get is the X number of 'commands waiting'.  


  • What firmware is the HAVIT using? Our software expects reprap like firmware (Marlin,Repetier,Smoothieware,Teacup,Sprinter). Other firmwares may use a language we do not understand.

    You could also try connecting using a serial terminal (e.g. Arduino IDE has one supporting 115200 baud) and see what the printer says on connect.
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