Where is the print Queue on a PI

I am building a printer and using Repetier firmware and server pro running on a Raspberry PI V3.
During setting up i am cancelling allot of prints, I have followed what other have done and when the print queue go's wrong delete the printer and re set it up.
This is getting a bit monotonous, can anyone tell me where to find the print queue so i can just delete it rather than go through deleting the printer each time.
I have seen on this site others have had the problem but cant find a difintive answer to where the queue is.
Thanks in advance


  • /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printers/~printerName~/jobs/

    If I recall correctly the print queue is stored here. However I'm not currently at my RPi so I cant confirm it. In the jobs folder there should be either 5 or 6 files per print job but you can delete all of them to clear out the queue.

  • Thanks found it and cleared the files 
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