I need add plugin to repeater host to enable a new tab on age interface.

I have a BoXZY  multi-material fab machine. Its native windows software is a customized version of Repetier host. (an old one)

I wish to add control tabs to the current version of Repetier Host for mac to enable control of some of the machine functions (Laser and CNC)

because the machine does not implement these controls in the standard way, i am told the best way to do this is with a plug in.

I have the plug in files, but don't know where to put them on my mac.
I assumed based on some other posts i searched i would need to create a plugins directory in the hidden install directory, then have a correctly named folder underneath that with the correct BoXZY plugin files to get the tab to show up, but i am having no luck adding plugins to repetier host.
the page you suggested referencing plugins for the current version has an example, but doesn't instruct me where it belongs.

i have the plugin file, but what is required and where do the plugins directory belong on a mac?


  • The mac host is a different product and 100% incompatible to windows host and does not support plugins.
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