Lost Repetier server pro license

I bought the Pro license of the Server, and it works just great!
But now I had a power fault, and the SD-Card of my Raspberry Pi is not useable anymore.
So license 1 of 5 is now gone.
Is it possible to get this lost license back?
What happens when all 5 are used?



  • It is all no problem. If your 5 licenses are up due to lost sd cards send us a support mail describing what happened and your license code and we can reset the counter. 
  • My print server crashed catastrophically, and I had to install on a new machine.  When I went to active my license, it told me number of licenses exceeded.   This would only be the second time I tried to use this license, and the original box is gone.  On top of that, I can't find a support email anywhere.  Any chance someone can point me in the right direction?
  • Mail problem with license number to info@repetier.com
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