Temperature and buffer problem

Hi, so I've been printing for a year with my davinci 1.0A printer now, and switched to repetier 0.92 firmware a month ago.
Everything works great with repetier Host, but as I'm using a laptop, I wanted to build a raspberry based repetier server to drive the printer.
I installed the armel version, everything updated, and used the same baudrate as on Repetier Host, but first when the bed and printhead heat up, the temepratures shown in repetier drop to zero every few seconds for a very brief moment, like if the signal was briefly lost for some reason, and when the print start, I can see the buffer drop to zero every few layers.
I use the same settings as in repetier Host (127 buffer; 30s timeout; 32 movement buffer; 230400 baudrate)
Also I tried to reinstall the printers firmware and the raspberry os, but no luck.
However on octoprint, everything works well, but since I use repetier on my computer it would be much better to use repetier server.


  • Please enable logging and check the log. I guess the communication gets corrupted somehow leading to wrongly read temperatures. But only logs will show what is going on there.
  • Sorry I'm kind of new to repetier, how can I enable and access logs on repetier server ?
  • Each printer has a context menu when you have selected it. 3 bars in printer status bar on the right. It has a menu point logs where you can enables/disable logs and also download them later.
  • Hi, so I started a print and downloaded the log, I noticed for exemple on layer 14 it had the problem,
    I also pulled the connection log if you need it:

  • Don't know in which file at which time that is, but the log is full of communication issues like this

    < 18:29:56.824: N281181 G1 F2700 X106.910 Y101.544 E590.47814
    > 18:29:56.854: 1k 932
    > 18:29:56.926: Warning: Missed line detected - correcting buffer usage.
    > 18:29:56.927: ok 19033
    < 18:29:56.927: N281182 G0 F9000 X106.305 Y101.583
    < 18:29:56.944: N281183 G1 F2700 X105.254 Y102.635 E590.52760
    > 18:29:56.954: 19 03
    > 18:29:57.028: 03 195
    > 18:29:57.067: k196
    > 18:29:57.151: ok 3907
    < 18:29:57.151: N281184 G0 F9000 X104.665 Y102.658
    > 18:29:57.181: Warning: Missed line detected - correcting buffer usage.
    > 18:29:57.181: Warning: Missed line detected - correcting buffer usage.
    > 18:29:57.181: Warning: Missed line detected - correcting buffer usage.
    > 18:29:57.181: ok 19038
    < 18:29:57.182: N281185 G1 F2700 X105.713 Y101.609 E590.57692
    < 18:29:57.275: N281186 G0 F9000 X105.122 Y101.635
    > 18:29:57.366: 90 139
    < 18:29:57.366: N281187 G1 F2700 X104.076 Y102.681 E590.62612
    < 18:29:57.385: N281188 G0 F9000 X103.487 Y102.704
    > 18:29:57.392: 9k 100
    > 18:29:57.553: 19 041
    > 18:29:57.587:  k1
    > 18:29:57.721:  19043
    > 18:29:57.748: 0k 194
    > 18:29:58.749: wait
    > 18:29:59.764: wait
    > 18:30:00.765: Warning: Seems like we missed a ok - continue sending.
    > 18:30:00.766: wait
    < 18:30:00.767: N281189 M105
    > 18:30:00.768: 9k 1045
    < 18:30:00.768: N281190 G1 F2700 X104.533 Y101.659 E590.67530
    > 18:30:00.769: T230
    < 18:30:00.769: N281191 G0 F9000 X103.944 Y101.681
    > 18:30:00.770: Warning: Missed line detected - correcting buffer usage.
    > 18:30:00.770: ok 19046

    You see response
    ok linenumber

    which is essential is often corrupted. We've already taken great pain in autocorrecting this, but if you get too many subsequent errors it can cause a short stall.

    What board and baudrate are you using? On which os/device does the server run? 
    I see this mixing from time to time, but your case is quite heavy.
  • Hi, yes that's what I tought,
    So my printer is a XYZprinting Davinci 1.0A, which has a Arduino Due microcontroller if I understood correctly.
    The baudrate I use is 230400 which works fine on repetier Host and octoprint,but I also yried different ones with no luck and it's the baudrate that everybody use on this printer apparently.
  • I have also due based printers. Run them with 115200 or 250000 baud. Sometimes this changes such behaviour drastically. I guess you run the davinci form of repetier so changing that should be quite easy.
  • Hi, yes I use the davinci form of repetier, so you're saying I should just change the connection baud, nothing to change in the printer's eeprom right ?
  • Well baudrate is stored in eeprom, so you could just change it there and reconnect with new baudrate.
  • Turns out I finally fixed this, it had Nothing to do with the baudrate, the power supply of my raspberry Pi was faulty and failed to fill the buffer for some reason probably because not enough power to the USB ports.
    Thanks for the help anyway, now everything runs smoothly
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