Best Retraction setting to prevent Clogging

Hey Everyone, I am printing off of 5 86Duino_enjoys and using Repetier host as my printing software. I am using the Cura Engine to slice with and wanted to know if anyone has had luck with some good settings to prevent clogging as much as possible. I have run into it a lot, even with new version of extruder heads by the manufacturer. So I am thinking it is a setting in the slicer that could be causing it. I have come acrossed this issue with another printer of mine and it was the retraction setting, just don't know how it should be done for these bowen style extruder systems. My other printer is a Direct Extrusion system so I know the lengths are very different for both. 


  • It is also the temperature. Set temp. too high and pla will move up until friction gets too high. Increases with retraction too high and with bowden you normally need a bit more. 2mm is not uncommon and one of my bowden needs even 7mm. Just try to find minimum where stringing is gone and reduce temp. as much as possible without loosing bond.
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