cura configuration does not take - need to restart


I have noticed that when changing & saving Cura confiuration I have to restart Repetier to have the slicing notice the changes. Repetier 1.0.3 .

Is this a bug? Any comments?



  • I can confirm this, on versions 1.03 and 1.04, running on Windows 7. This happens when using Cura, but not with Slic3r. Very annoying when you want to tweak&experiment with different settings
  • I have tried to figure out when this happens, but everytime I test it seems to work. So can you tell when it did not work? I assume you did hit save button before reslicing? What is different so that some users get this? Do you have rather fast or slow computers?
  • Forget my last question. Just tested with a 3rd computer and there it did not change indeed. So I have at least a testing device to fix it for next release.
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