Cura 2.1.3 Beta support?

Is there a way to use the new cura beta slicer in repetier currently?

If not, could that be a feature for us to see in the future?  There are several really nice settings, including temperature reduction based on volume of the extruded layer.


  • That versionen has a new CuraEngine with 100% incompatible configuration files and communication, so it is not clear when we can upgrade. It will require complete rewrite of our curaengine module.
  • Rats.  I like using repetier for slicing, everything is neatly contained.  I might just have to slice in cura for now and import the gcode into repetier for printing...  SD card prints haven't treated my home machine very well.
  • Use the watch directory slicer (setup in slicer manager) for fast import of gcodes you always store in same directory. At least until we got time to implement it.
  • Cool, thanks for the tip
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