Help when download large daemon

Hello. Collected machine PRUSAMENDEL2, ARDUINOMEGA2560, RAMPS1.4, REPEATERHOST1.6.2, REPEATERFIRMWARE0.92. The machine works like a burner on wood, the main work falls on the X-axis with a velocity change of displacement. The working field is 210mm to 300mm. when burning not large images, the control program is 200,000 - 300,000 rows - all working well. Yesterday, I tried big picture, the daemon was 6 000 000 rows and REPEATERHOST hangs. Drawing takes 30 minutes and stops responding to control of the machine. Sorry for bad English.


  • The longer your file the more ram etc. the host will need. Also drawing takes longer and longer with progress. Use Repetier-Server to print files of any length. Server does not store everything in ram so gcode length does not matter.

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