Moving from Rumba (Marlin) to MKS Sbase 1.3 (Smoothieware) - TCP-IP

Hello everyone, I've been using Repetier Server on my Makerfarm i3v with Rumba board connected to my server via a USB cable now for about 3 months and its worked well. However and due to no fault of Repetier I have a heatpump air handler in the same room which creates a lot of EMF noise for the USB cable and causes disconnection. 

I looked around and finally decided to go to ethernet, as the twisted pair design inheriently removes EMF noise. I also like the fact of connecting to the printer via TCP/IP - Ethernet cable.

However I want to continue to utilize Repetier Server with a network connection to the printer. For example the server is and the printer is

I cannot find any settings in Repetier Server which allow this to happen. Everything I am seeing is a COM port , however I have noticed a Virtual Cartesian option. No clue what that is...

Is there anyway to make server hookup via tcp/ip and NOT use USB

I know Repetier Host can do this, but what about Server? I am running Repetier Server on a Windows 10 computer as well.

thx in advance!


  • Server has no option for tcp/ip. Maybe there is a conversion tool that could do it like socat for linux (also I'm not sure if com->tcp is also possible, only used it the other way around).
  • Why wouldn't this be included going forward? Network printing is the way it will be, you can see a lot of retail printers going that way now... Seems Repetier Server needs to really have a networked printer option in there as well.
  • Actually I don't have a printer with TCP/IP for developing. So it is hard to write and test such a system, except maybe with socat faking it. But in deed it would be a good extension.
  • Surely, if networking is possible with octoprint, you can do it with repetier server (using socat) as well. Check for details.
    Please post if it works, thx
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    Smoothieware is not well supported by Repetier Server.
    Also missing the ability to edit the "config.txt" inside the MicroSD, because the USB is not mounted as "mass storage" like in Windows.
    And the "smoothieware.xml" is not well compiled with the right default, please check...
  • Can you say what the problem is with smoothieware.xml? I mean what part is not working?
  • Roland, have you a board with Smoothieware installed for some tests?
  • Only a naked board, no printer so I only test communication at the moment and assume it executes what gets send if it says ok.
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