Cura for Repetier

I have a small format Maylan printer (100x100). I print directly using Repetier and have no issues. I want to slice using Cura. I've set up a printer json profile and it loads fine. 

The problem is, when I load the gcode into Repetier and hit Run, it acts like it's going to says Heating Extruder...but then nothing ever happens. I doesn't look like it's hanging up. I can Kill the job and print by loading a file and slicing with Slicr. But loading Gcode simple doesn't work. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to A/B test slicr vs. Cura on this little printer.




  • Slicing is running a slicer and loading a gcode, so it is in that part identical.

    Your problem lies in the created gcode I guess. It comtains M190/M109 gcode which means wait until set temperature is reached. Some printers have problems with wrong settings to reach that temperature or it just takes a few minutes (or 20 minutes if bed is slow) or temp. is higher then your printer can reach, ten it would take forever.
  • OK - I appreciate the response. Let me check some of those settings. Thanks!
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