Getting Repetier-Host working on Gallium OS

Hello everyone. I am brand new to Linux and bought this Chromebook as a cheap way to start learning about Linux. I am running Gallium on it via chrx. I have Bob's CNC printer and have it successfully connected via Repetier-Server on my RPi3. However, I would also like to connect directly with my chromebook. I installed all the mono libraries and had Repetier-Host running last night. Now when I try to run it, it starts to run and then appears to just end. I would love some help on what commands to run to diagnose the problem and how to fix it. Thanks!


  • I don't have a chromebook so no experiance here. But don't they have low hardware values, e.g. ram as everything is supposed to be webapps? Host requires quite some resources especially ram and video ram, so maybe that value was exceeded? The bigger your models the more ram you will need.

    I guess running the server frontend works fine with the chromebook?
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