Help my maddness


dont know if this is in the correct area but,

have just finished building a new bigger printer, I have a radds 1.5
control and have set it up in as far as i can remember exactly the
same way as i set the last one up, except I have used Raps128 stepper

made a new software install with the new dimensions ect with the
0.92.x with Configuration Tool

I power the board up all seems fine the steppers hold the LEDs on the
stops work as expected, I connect with Repetier server pro and I have
no control tab. In the top left of the screen is normally a green set
of links but these are replaced with a set of yellow what look like
signal bars from a phone.

I disconnect I get the normal brown broken link.

I go to the printer set-up screen it will down load the information
from the firmware.

help I am at the point of hitting the thing with a cricket bat.

expect it is some stupid operator issue but I am to annoyed to be
able to see it.

in advance



  • Orange means it connected to a serial port but does not understand anything the firmware is saying. Normally due to wrong baud rate or wrong port (if there are others available). Baudrate is the first one you had when uploading first time since it is stored in eeprom. If in doublt upload with increaded EEPROM_MODE in configuration.h to overwrite old values on upload.
  • Thanks will check that now. 

  • Thanks 
    That was it, I knew it was operator error, 2 days trying things. I seem to have set the baud rate to a speed i would not have used normally? i found it after you reply by starting at the top and going down the list. 
    Is there any way to find out the number you need to use to make sure the eprom is updated when loading firmware?
    Again thanks for your prompt reply.

    Despite my madness i love the server software.

  • No you can't ensure it is reloaded if you don't know last EEPROM_MODE, but when connected you can always use
    to reset configuration.
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