Layer 2 no bonding with layer 1 (brim/ramp)

OK, this is one I can not figure out.
Fliament - PLA
Nozzle - .3mm
Temp 200c
1st layer - .2mm
other layers .1mm
Bed is level on all 4 corners and center (equal resistance on paper)
Printer - Geeetech I3 X
Object printing - cylinder with hole inside diameter is 31cm outside edge is 35cm, height is 30cm

When I print the first layer, it goes on beautiful, nice and smooth, not under or over extrusion, sticks well to the painters tape with glue stick.
However, when the second layer starts, it starts around the outside perimeter (it does 3 passes per layer) about 1/2 way around it does not stick to the first layer. It does this for about 10 layers till there is enough filament on the bed that it then creates the cylinder. The beginning of the print is screwed up but it finishes ok.

What could be my problem with the 2nd layer adhering to the brim/ramp layer ?

Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance,



  • If it does not stick it is normally underextusion. So check if your steps per mm for extruder are ok or if it staed to block(did not sound like that). Alternatively if it is only at one side, that side is lower the the other side. Look on the bottom printed. You should then see the pattern changing from nearly full bottom to bottom with lines in filament direction not touching as much.
  • HI,
    What you mentioned is was I was thinking. But, the 1st layer is beautiful!! Nice skirt and brim in the surface, very even. Here is the strange thing about what is going on. 

    I found another application called Mattercontrol. I print with this and everything is perfect.

    I go back to Repetier and layer 1 is very nice but on layer 2 (first layer of the object I want to print) it will not properly complete the first circle. It does this till about layer 10 then it starts to lay it properly. 

    Also, I believe it has to do with extrusion. because the object is very rough, and it looks like a sponge (hopefully my description makes sense).

    I've done the extrusion test and have never been able to get it to push out a measured 100mm of filament. I am using a .3mm nozzle, heated up the pla to 200c, slowed down the feed rate ( to avoid the slippage of the gear). I was even contemplating removing the nozzle and running the test to see if the motor would push 100mm of filament without the need to push it out of a .3mm hole.

    But even still the Mattercontrol application printed my object perfectly.

    Go figure??


  • Hi,
    as i read you check distance with paper.... is it at Z Zero?
    Why i ask this Question is as follows:
    If Z Zero allows paper between Bed and nozzle you have a real distance of lets say about 0.05 to 0.1 mm
    your first layer is 0.2 mm so your real distance is 0.25 to 0.3 mm  and your nozzle  is 0.3mm.....
    thats why your first layer looks that good... BUT  your nozzle has round shape and that´s the problem.
    there is not enough area to contact second layer.

    see here :,692662,693541#msg-693541

    and follow for example :'s_Calibration_Guide

    first of all calibrate the extruder with the 100mm Test followed by a single wall.

    or for quick test reduce first layer height to 0.1 mm (if you are shure your bed is levelled correctly)

    kind regards,

  • Both matter control and host just send the gcode to printer. When you say matter control printed good I assume you also used the slicer from matter control for that print. So the problem lies in the different configuration of both slicers.

    Regarding 100mm test, 2mm/s is good for such a distance. In real print you layer height reduces real filament slow that you can still print faster then the 2 mm/s. Depending in pla type 200°C could be high or low. I have PLA types I print with 180-190°C and some printing 210-215°C. Problem with too high temperatures is that they easily block your extruder after 20-30minutes of use when it starts to creep up.
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