Repetier does not see printer/usbserial

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As with title, the software does not find the printer which is via usb.. W10 maps it to Com8, which i set in the Repetier settings but it does not see my Prusa i3 machine.    I set up the Pronterface tool and it sees the printer, so i'm not sure why Repetier simply does not.

Note: I am very new to 3d printing so all this is new to me, aside from the troubleshooting aspect.  I'm hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.


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    I got it to see it via the server, not sure why there is a host and a server app for this. Very confusing.  The examples for the setup for this printer show the setup having a usbserial dropdown selection, but there is no such selection. older version maybe?

    i have to say, learning a 3d printer and finding/learning related software on your own sucks
  • Both server and host have a serial port dropdown. They always had. Importnant is using the right baud rate here. Also when server is active it will block the port for other application until you deactivate. That is why we have the server connector for host (and because it is the better way to print as you can close host and print will continue and some more advantages).
  • The drop down does not say usbserial, it just says serial.  I can connect the server, but the host does not connect
  • Did you deactivate the printer on the server to do so or did you select server connector in host? Having the combination server active and host with serial connector does not work.
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