Print job will not start

Hi, this is my setup: K8-200, Z-axis upgrade, E3D-v6 extruder, Windows 10, Arduino 1.68, Repetier Host V1.5.4

I can connect to the K8-200 with Arduino and upload firmware, no errors.

Can connect to K8-200 with the Repetier Host. I have full manual control of the printer. Can load an *.stl, with Slic3r or Cura. 

The 'Start Print' gets things started, bed heats, extruder heats, all axis's go to the prep position. 

Then I stare at it for, well it doesn't matter. The actual print job will not start. Except a random one time only print start by rebooting the laptop, resettting the firmware, disconnecting and reconnecting the power to the printer (still can't replicate the actual combination of these steps to get it to print one time).

Help! Any help! What the heck am I doing wrong?

Thanks for all suggestions or other's similar experiences.




  • Could it hand the waiting for target temperature command? Look for M109/M190 which wait for target temperatures to be reached. Depending on your settings and configurations this might not be possible.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I unchecked 'Check bed and extruder temperature' in the Printer Settings and got a job to print.

    Exactly one job. No more printing for me after that. 

    So I think what you are getting at is my problem; the print job is not being released because it is waiting for a temperature(s) to be reached.

    Where can I go to learn how to modify the mcode that is sent to the printer? I am uneducated enough to not know if the firmware is making the setting or if it is somewhere in the printer and/or slicer code.


  • That option was not what I was talking about. That only adds M105 to pull temperatures so you see current temperaures i host.

    The commands I meant are added by the slicers. See
    for more infos about gcodes.
  • Yes, I know that is not 'where to make the change' I did it that way to do a quick 'proof' to zero in on the problem.

    I basically understand the gcodes tell the board how to behave. What I am not understanding is does it need to see the command or not see the command. And where does that come from in the slicer; custom, etc.? (Which is probably not a question for the Repetier forum).

    I appreciate your patience.

  • The M109/M190 come from selected filament/bed temperatures. The slicer needs to ensure the temperature is at target temperature before starting with extrusion. So that makes sense. But with wrong configuration of firmware you can not reach every temperature and the command might wait forever for target temperature. You should see it in the temperature graph is temp is going up and if it is using full power or if some limits prevent full power you need.
  • Pulling the M109/M190 codes did the trick. I can manually start the bed and extruder heat and when I select print the job runs.

    Many thanks.
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