ETA problem. it says -9223372036854775808h


I have used Repetier-host 0.56 for Mac and recently updated Repetier-host to 1.0.1. Although the most of ETAs were not really accurate, it did not really matter. However, after the upgrade, ETA was way off, ridiculously off. I run a gcode and it says -9223372036854775808h. I played with different configurations. But I have not had any luck. 

FYI, I'm using a delta style printer (firmware 0.91) and when I used a slicer configuration for my another machine, prusa i3, it shows reasonable ETA. 

Thank you for your comments!



  • Can you provide a sample gcode where this happens. I guess it contains something that causes this and my config didn't contain this special problem.
  • Here is the gcode!  download gcode
    I believe it's because of some config but I do not know what's wrong. Except the weird ETA, it prints well. Thank you for taking a look at it!
  • gcode looks good, must be some error in host implementation. Will check that for 1.0.2,
  • Ok, found the problem and it is in your code. You have lines like this

    G1 E0.39805 F0.00000

    so pure extrusions are done with 0mm/s and that breaks time computation. It will be wrong in any case and also cause not perfect prints since these moves are meant to be fast and not depend on firmware minimum speed.
  • Thank you for the answer! But I am sorry that I do not quite understand how to fix it. So, that means I need to the change the 0mm/s to the firmware's minimum speed? Since I am printing clay with it, I have changed the speed for clay. 

    Thank you
  • Okay! I just fixed the problem! Thank you for your help!

    If you want, you can check my ceramic prints on my instagram page.
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