I have setup a Logitech webcam, following the instructions.
In repetier server the images are updated in the Single images tab.
In the video tab there is one static image, but it is never updated.

What can be the cause of this?


  • Most probably the link you entered in webcam config for dynamic url is one for static image. For mjpg_streamer it would behttp://

  • I have entered the above value in the dynamic image url field.
    When going to video tab I now get a small image icon, but no video.

    When I open the url in a separate browser window the video shows ok.

  • You mean the file not found icon for http? What's the link? Should be to server itself.
  • I post some pictures to clarify:

  • Does not look like you are using mjpg_streamer as webcam software. At least I never saw the working static link. Also I'm not sure if is the ip where the webserver runs. If not would not work even if you were using the streamer. So My guess is that the video link is simply wrong and then of course no video appears.
  • Isn't mjpg_streamer meant for Unix?

    I followed your instructions in "Setting up a webcam in Repetier-Server for Windows" to set my webcam.

    Redid it again 3x this morning. Don't know what happened, but it works now.
    Some pictures to show my settings:
  • You never said you are on windows:-)
  • I also never said I was on Unix :-)

    Still problems though.

    The camera image is shown for a short while. After a minute or so the image freezes, disappears and the smal imag icon is shown. Switching to the image tab and then back to the video tab lets the video image reappear which then freezes agin after a short while.
    During a print it changes in this:
  • I am slowlu loosing my patience.

    Since the webcam is not functioning properly under windows and I wanted to run Repetier server in a Raspberry pi I installed Repetier server under Raspian.
    So far so good. Server installed and running fine.

    But now for the webcam ;-(
    Following the instructions on your website I get the following error messages:

    step 1:
    E: Unable to locate package imageclick

    step 3:
    -bash: cmake: command not found

    what now????
  • Guess you missed step 1 installing dependencies:

    1. Install build dependencies
    sudo apt-get install libjpeg8-dev imagemagick libv4l-dev make gcc git cmake g++
    At least on one computer we could reproduce the error. It also appeared for linux only
    took a bit longer. We will try to solve the problem for next release.
    For next release we will also offer raspberry images including preconfigured webcam.
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