.cfg file Name and SlugName

I'm using Repetier Sever to pilot 3x Printrbot simple. and it works very well :) thanks for this excellent dev.

I have a question about Name and SlugName in the .cfg file.

I'm not sure to understand the difference.

Name is the type of printer ? ex: Printrbot for all
SlugName is the identification of each printer ? ex : Printrbot-A / Printrbot-B / Printrbot-C

it seems in the use interface, home page the Name (not the slug name) is used to fill the "Printer" column value is it normal ?


  • slug is the name internally used for directories and calling data. Name is what you see in interface. Both have no meaning and are only for your understanding. The next server release has no selectable slug at all. It will create this from printer name on creation.
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