Nylon print problems

I need help printing with Nylon. I am using Taulman Alloy 910. My issue is that with this filament I need to have the extruder temp at 250 to 265. (temp limit is 275 for my printer). What I have noticed is that once it starts printing, the extruder temp really bounces around all the time, it can go as low as 220. This causes the filament not to melt and screws up my prints.  This does not happen at all with ABS or PLA.  I am building an enclosure for my printer, maybe this will stabilize the temp fluctuations. Any ideas??


  • There are two factors:
    1. Temp. measurement for higher temperatures get more inaccurate for high temperatures, especially with thermistors.
    2. Heating at higher tempertures requires more heater power. If you print faster you need to heat more power or extruder will cool down.

    And last the pid settings are most likely optimized for PLA/ABS and not for Nylon temperatures. That might make it harder to hold temperatures.
  • Thanks for the info.

    What are pid settings?

    Can they be changed for Nylon?

    How do I change these settings?

    Are these settings part of Repetier software? If not, what software will allow me to change them?


  • pid are the values for extruder temperature control if you selected PID manager. It is important to always set right heat manager for your devices. Read firmware doc on our homepage for more information.
    M303 allows autocalibrating pid values if you have that heat manager selected.

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