What are the units of the feedrate slider in the Manual Control tab.

I need to know what feed rate is being set when I command a movement through the manual control tab in the repetier host software.  The online documentation says that the slider labeled feed rate in the gui is in fact a "multiply"  (maybe multiplier?  The full paragraph from the documentation is as follows:  

"The “Speed multiply” slider allows it to change the printing/move speed in relation to the send feed rate. This function is tested with Repetier-Firmware and Marlin. Be careful if you increase the speed. If you haven’t defined the real limits in your firmware this can cause lost steps during print!"

Is the slider setting an actual feedrate for traverse commands through the manual movenment tab in  some units presumably (mm/s) or is it being used to multiply one of the feedrates from the printer settings tab or the firmware (perhaps its multiplying the travel feedrate which is set in printer settings tab).   If it is acting as a multiplier to a set feed rate it seems that it is being treated as a percentage, since the default lowest value for the slider is 25.  
My Google foo has been unable to find any good answers on this subject  so any help would be much appreciated.  Also if there is a clear answer it would be nice if someone would clarify that on the manual control documentation page.


  • It sets the firmware internal multiplier to the factor defined with the slider in procent. This changes all feedrates not only the one send with manual tab.

    For manual tab the base feedrate is set in printer configuration.
  • Thankyou, for the quick response. So let me see if I"ve got this straight in my head.  The feedrates set in the printer configuration get multiplied by the slider factor divided by 100.  So that if the feedrate in the manual movement tab is set at 150, then the "travel feedrate" set in the printer configuration tab. gets multiplied by 1.50?  Thanks again for your help.
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    My understanding is when the speed slider is at 100 you are at 100% of defined speeds. At 200 you are at 200%, at 50 you are at 50% of defined speeds.and so on.
    Also the other sliders are the same way percentage wise.
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