1.6.2 "Allow different infill extruder for Slic3r"

I upgraded to 1.6.2 because the changelog indicated that Repetier would now allow a different extruder for the infill.
This works, but I have found a limitation. I need extruder 2 to be the perimeter, and 1 for the infill.

If you don't change the selected extruder in the Object Placement tab, it will use extruder 1 for the infill, but it will override the perimeter extruder and also use extruder 1 for it.

To correct this, if you select extruder 2, it will correctly use it for the perimeter and extruder 1 for the infill
Similarly, if you wanted the opposite - extruder 1 for the perimeter, 2 for the infill as per your slic3r settings, you cant have extruder 2 selected.

I know this isn't quite a bug, but it's not intuitive. Shouldn't the sli3r-mandated extruders be used? 
I can see this being convenient to override and use a specific extruder, but it should just have some some automatic/default that uses whatever it's told by the slic3r settings.
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