Calculated printing time is suddenly very small?

Hi I have been running repetier server pro for about a month now without any significant issues, but I have just noticed that the printing time reported by repetier server is now considerably less than that reported by repetier host for the same job. This had been working ok previously but I am not sure what could have changed,  ( last change was to the printer bed shape to overcome rendering of just the positive quadrant ).

Repetier Host job    1h 35min ( this is close to the actual print time )
Repetier Server job    2min 25 sec

Any ideas or pointers as to where I should look?


  • Check your end gcode. There is a bug that you can restart time measurement with I think it was G28, so if you home at end it will reset computed time. Replace that by a G1 move and time computation should be ok again. The condition I found is fixed for next release.
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