Change filament button

Hello G coders

I am trying to write Gcode into the Send Commands box to do a filament change.
M600 retracts the filament if the temperature is above 170 deg but it also pauses the machine.
How do i resume? tried M601 M401 M402 ect
You can resume or continue with the LCD but  Im using Pi 7" touch screen

Can anyone send me a link im sure its been done already



  • M600 is meant to start filament change on lcd, so don't use it form server. From server you should use 
    @pause Change filament
    To pause a print and change filament. Then do normal extrusion etc from manual controls and continue. You can setup some gcode to execute on pause like moving to some park position.
  • what is @pause change filament?
    More info please
  • @pause is pause. Whilepaused you could change filament or do anything else you want. Since you have no lcd you can not use the filamentchange routine and server has no change but in pause you can move extruder/heat etc so everything needed.
  • Where can i change the distance for the filament drive buttons, Printer settings or firmware??
  • Below the move buttons is a bar with distances. The selected one is what you will extrude and defaults to 10mm.
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