How to set home position manually for a printer without endstops?


I'm using Repetier-Host with Marlin-firmware adjusted for a Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC).

The printer has no end stops for X and Y, which hasn't been a problem before trying to use auto bed leveling. Previously, I have just manually put the printer head to home position and issued the command G92 X0 Y0 Z0 to zero all of the axes.

When trying to configure a conductive probe for auto bed leveling, but I'm having problems using the G29 command to perform the auto bed leveling. It says "Home X/Y before Z", even if all axes are zeroed out manually.

I think this problem is related to Repetier not knowing that the axes are zeroed after using G92. Is there a way to tell repetier that X and Y are at the home position? I have seen screenshots of "set home manually" at old Mac-versions of Repetier, but I can't find it on my latest Windows-version.



  • No, the message comes from Marlin. Marlin needs to know absolute position for bed leveling and that requires endstops.
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