printer stops mid print

Couple things-
I used to be able to start a print from the host but lately hitting the print button in host just sends the file to the server and I have to start it there.
Other issue is that it's stopping mid print and I get the the message "error- printer set into dry run mode until restart".  This happens regardless of what slicer I use within host- Cura or Slic3r.
anyone else have this issue?


  • Check the log before that. It shows firmware detected a problem and stopped the print. I guess the decoupling test triggered from too narrow conditions. This often happens when fans turn on and suddenly cool extruder down while heating. In such cases allow a bigger deviation from set temperature.
  • Not sure what you mean by allowing a bigger deviation from set temperature. Is this in firmware? It's been a while since I messed with firmware.
    Also, a few days ago I had a problem with the extruder temp shooting up from 210 to 290 while the display was reading 210. The warning horn went off and updated the temp reading to 290. Ever since then my temp readings have fluctuated quite q bit. One second it reads 215, than 185, than 225, etc. Seems to have smoothed out somewhat lately so I didn't mention it earlier. Heat bed seems fine.
  • How do I get out of dry run mode?
    Printer won't run more than 5 minutes without stopping now.
  • Now I can't even get around once for a skirt.
    All this started after I ran the heat calibration wizard.
    I reinstalled both host and server and it's worse than before.
  • If your temp. fluctuates it will most likely trigger the decouple test, as it should be continuous. My guess is that your thermistor is either loose or defect which caused the initial problem of the overshoot until it got detected.

    can be used to reset from error state. But only do it when problem is really solved. In your case it will retrigger quickly I think.
  • Didn't want to leave this open ended.
    The temperature problem was due to a burned out thermister. I thought if a thermister went bad it would read 0, not fluctuate like it was.
    Thanks for the help.
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