Repetier Informer doesn't get messages

My phone is connected OK, test message does comes thru nicely but actual "real" information doesn't.

And yes, in repetier-Host there are "activate push-messages" active and print finished and fatal errors active as well.

On iphone message center there are messages chosen and all options on.

What did I miss?


  • Do you print over sd or directly? Prior 1.0.4 only direct prints triggered a push message. Since 1.0.4 sd prints do this as well as long as the host is connected and understands the firmware.

    If test messages come through everything is set up correctly. State messages use the same method for sending the text. The only thing I could think of is, that you have some special chars in printer name that confuses some part???

  • I have the same problem with my iPad. Test message sends just fine but no actual messages ever get sent once the print job finishes. Using 1.0.4. and Windows 8. Yes, all check boxes active in the app.
  • Can you make a screenshot, so we see which exact settings do not work.

    Also important, which method to print do you use?
  • One more question - are you online when the events happen? The host does not go online it self. It expects a permanent internet connection.
  • Yes, atleast my computer is online all the time. Using direct print, no SD. Must test with 1.05


  • Ok, please try 1.0.5 and enable log. That version logs send messages and writes errors in case an exception is thrown while trying to send it. That might help to see why it does not work for you but for others works well.
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