Render window only displays positive quadrant of model.


I have just started using Repetier Server Pro 0.75.1  so far I have found most things to be ok,  just one niggle though is that the render of the models only displays the positive quadrant of the model,  I have a delta printer configured with a bed radius of 90mm, x and y max is +90mm, x and y min is -90 mm,  when I upload a model for printing the render window only shows those parts of the model that are positive is 0- 90 mm in both x and y. 

Any ideas?


  • Yes, you have limited xmin and ymin to 0 in printer configuration (not the bed, but first page). Set that to -90 and it will render also the rest:-) It just did what you say as you forbid to move there.
  • Hi,  thank you for the reply,  I now have this working correctly.
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