Nokia 5110 lcd

I have one more question. Am planning to build a custom controller(LCD,encoder and SD), Can I use the Nokia 5110 LCD (RST,CE,DC,DIN,CLK)?


  • Never implemented this, so you need to adjust firmware to support that driver.
  • Exactly that is what am trying to do. Can you please give me the To-Do list to achieve their, I like that it from there.
  • If it is supported from u8glib you can use that as driver. Check ui.h and ui.cpp. You need a new u8glib variant that you define in ui.h like others do (felix pro display for example). Then add initalization for that driver in ui.cpp and it should already work with the new controller variant.
  • I have been working around this for a while but I don't seen to get it to work. 
    "Then add initalization for that driver in ui.cpp" - may you elaborate more on this. 

    Do I need to modify the SPI pin configuration in ui.h 
    #else  // RAMPS
    #undef BEEPER_PIN
    #define BEEPER_PIN             37
    #define UI_DISPLAY_RS_PIN      16
    #define UI_DISPLAY_RW_PIN      -1
    #define UI_DISPLAY_ENABLE_PIN  17
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D0_PIN      23
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D1_PIN      25
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D2_PIN      27
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D3_PIN      29
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D4_PIN      23
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D5_PIN      25
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D6_PIN      27
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D7_PIN      29
    #define UI_ENCODER_A           33
    #define UI_ENCODER_B           31
    #define UI_ENCODER_CLICK       35
    #define UI_RESET_PIN           41


  • Better use software SPI implementation if you require SPI. Since you need to write your own u8g initalization pin definition depends on how you implement it.
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